Monday, July 17, 2006

Bootham Bar, York

Bootham Bar gatehouse,
North Yorkshire

Bootham Bar gatehouse stands on the site of the old Roman entrance into the city of York, The Porta Principalis . It contains some of the oldest stone work in the city walls complex, some of the building dating to the 11th century.

The gateway was rebuilt extensively in the 14th century, and again during the 19th century, although, as stated before, much of the original stone work is incorporated into the body of the structure. The pepper pot turrets at the top of the gatehouse were added during the 1800's and are therefore not part of the original structure.

The gatehouse sits at the junction of Gillygate, Clifton (A59) and High Peter Gate, and acts as a passage way through the city walls. It had a portcullis originally, which can still be seen raised up into the ceiling.

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