Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lancaster Castle, Lancaster

Lancaster Castle

Just a couple of photos of Lancaster Castle that I've not posted on the website. They were both taken from the South, at the Lancaster Royal Infirmary whilst waiting for my son to be born back in 2011.

Above. Lancaster Castle over the city's rooftops. 

The photo shown above, shows the castle keep smack bang in the centre of the photo, with the tower of the priory to the right, and the massive double towered gatehouse just below (also to the right)

Above. Close up panorama of the castle.

This photo simply shows the castle keep peering over the top of the curtain walls.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013



Melmerby is one of a small number of villages in the Eden area, that were supposed to have been laid out in such a way, that the houses surrounding the open village green, provided a protective barrier against cattle raiders, with Melmerby beck providing a suitable barrier on the open side of the village. 

Above. Old postcard showing the village green and church.

Other villages in the area that share this claim are Askham, Temple Sowerby and Milburn, all within five or six miles of each other.

Penrith Castle, post card

Penrith Castle

I love this post card. It shows the castle with a cluttered exterior, obviously still used by the townsfolk of Penrith. The wall transcending the castle mound and the moat is interesting, and possibly suggests that at the time the photo was taken, the grounds were grazed by local farmers. The wall is long gone, though a scar can clearly be seen on the more modern photo shown below.

Above. 2011 photo, demonstrating the remarkable lack of decay since the postcard from 1906.

Caerlaverlock Castle, postcards

Caerlaverock Castle
Near Dumfries
Dumfries and Galloway

Two nice post cards showing the castle pretty much as it is today. Here's the link to my previous post including quite a few photos and some information.

Above. Post card (1900)showing the gatehouse, moat and Nithsdale hall. 

Above. Aerial photo showing the immense earthworks surrounding the castle.

The photo shown above, gives a rare sight of the earthworks surrounding the castle, including the single huge bank and the moat (drained in this photo) 

The Canmore website has some great photos of the castle, as well as loads of additional information.

The Historic Scotland website also has loads of important information on the castle.

Greystoke Castle, old postcard

Greystoke Castle

These are the only two postcards of Greystoke Castle I have so far. The post mark on the rear of the first card appears to show a date of 1925. This is the link to my previous post on Greystoke, along with the one single photo I managed to take.

The official Greystoke Castle web site is also well worth checking out.