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Gleaston Castle, Gleaston

Gleaston Castle

Above. Buck Brothers engraving of Gleaston Castle.

The engraving's text reads as follows:

"This castle was probably built in the reign of K.Edward 3rd A.D.13 to prevent the then frequent inroads of the Scots into England; it is situate in the Manor of Muchland in low Furness, which about this time belonged to the Harringtons who made this their seate of residence, till the 36th of Hen 6th when by female right it descended to W.m Lord Bonvile; whose only Daughter married Tho. Grey Marq. of Dorset, whose grandson Henry was by Edw. 6th created Duke of Suffolk; who was beheaded the 1 of 2 Mary A.D.1554, upon which this castle became forfeited to the Crown; and has since been granted seperate from the Manor of Muchland."

Above. Antiquarian plan of Gleaston Castle. 

Above. Undated engraving of the ruins at Gleaston.

Roman Bath House at Ravenglass

The Roman bath house
Walls Castle

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