Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Bee Boles, 28 Lowther Street, Kendal

 Bee Boles

29 Lowther Street


Hidden for many years beneath a covering of ivy and ferns, these two fairly well preserved bee boles have remained out of sight and largely forgotten. However, a recent flurry of garden tidying has revealed them at last, and a chance glance as I climbed the stairs at work resulted in these photos.

Above, view from the office window.

Above. Slightly zoomed in photo.

The boles are recorded in the Bee Boles Register here, 28 Lowther Street  but with barely any information. We know that Lowther Street, and the properties either side of the street were built from 1782 onwards, so they were added to the rear of 28 Lowther Street after this date....but apart from that, nothing else is known about them. All we can tell, is that there are two alcoves; the left is split into four shelves, with the bottom three of equal height. The top shelf is very narrow. The right hand alcove is split into three shelves, the bottom two being fairly similar in height, with the top most one being about twice as high...perhaps with a slate shelf missing. 

The yard is private property and therefore not accessible, and unfortunately the boles are only visible from the first floor of an adjacent property. 

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