Saturday, September 16, 2006

Cultivation Terraces, Ingleton

Medieval cultivation terraces
North Yorkshire

In a field at the junction of the B6255 and the Clapham Old Road in Ingleton, a series of 5 medieval cultivation terraces can still be seen in the field to the North of the road.

As can be seen from the above aerial photograph, the terraces are extremely well preserved, and are accompanied in the landscape by another group of terraces above and to the left.These terraces were probably created during the 13th or 14th centuries, and would have been built to make better use of a sloping area of arable land. The terraces would have made it easier for the medieval farmer to make use of the land.

The Ingleborough Park terraces survive to about a metre high, and each terrace is around five to six metres in width, running the whole length of the present day field.

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