Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Low Hall, Little Strickland

Low Hall
Little Strickland

Although only a tentative possibility of a fortified building exists here, I thought it would be good to include it anyway. Little Strickland can be found about 5 miles South of Penrith, just off the A6 and behind Thrimby Grange.

Finding the Hall was a little difficult, as the building is set back off the B road and is situated amongst all sorts of buildings on a working farm. I think that the photo above represents the end of one of the wings....although if anyone tells me otherwise I'll go with that!!

From a historical documentation point of view, the site has always been described as a hall site with towers, although it's thought that the towers were either built over, or incorporated into the present buildings. Some historical texts describe the site as having a 9 feet curtain wall, so it was fairly well defended.

The hall was most likely built for the Crackenthorpe family, some time around 1540, although there are a number of 16th, 17th and 19th century buildings and alterations present.

The photo above, if actually of the hall, was a very narrow view, only available from the grass verge of the small road running nearby.

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Anonymous said...

This is a photo of a building behind Town End Farm, Little Strickland and not part of Low Hall. Low Hall is located elsewhere in the village. It is believed that the building in the photo, now a barn, was residential at some point in its history.

Low Hall itself has a core building that was possibly a tower (at least pre 1530's), though we have not to date been able to substantiate this thinking.