Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tower 34, York

Tower 34

Situated at the North Eastern side of the city walls, at the junction of Layerthorpe, Peaseholme Green, Jewbury and Foss Island Road, this tower was previously known as the 'Lathorp Towere' and dates from around 1370.

Above. A view of the tower from across Foss Island Road.

The tower is built at an angle to the wall, and is supported on two buttresses, probably inserted to compensate for the marshy ground here.

The wall contains some poor quality repairs at this point, possibly dating from the 1644 siege of York. Layerthorpe Postern and its accompanying tower, stood to the East of Tower 34, but has long since gone. This tower marks the start of the walls at the Northern end of Foss Island Road, and is a great place to start your walk around York.

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