Saturday, May 01, 2010

Glen of the Bar, New Galloway Forest

Glen of the Bar
New Galloway Forest
Near Newton Stewart
Dumfries and Galloway

Situated some seven or so miles North East of Newton Stewart on the A712, the Glen of the Bar is a magnificent tree clad gully, that runs for about three quarters of a mile North East to South West. It follows the line of a beck that eventually runs into Palnure Burn. Numerous finds of animal bones have been found at the end of the gully, prompting historians to suggest that early peoples of the area herded wild animals into the steep sided ravine, and then hurled stones and spears at them to kill them.

As with many spots along the A712, there is parking at this spot, and a specially created walkway that takes you out over the North Western tip of the gully, affording excellent views across its tree lined sides and base. This is yet another worth while stop off point on this road.

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