Monday, November 20, 2006

Middleton Hall, Middleton

Middleton Hall

Situated just off the A683 North of Barbon and Middleton, the hall with its impressive surviving curtain wall, is an imposing site even today. The Hall was the abode of the Middleton family from the reign of Edward III right through to 1644, and consists of a central hall block, the hall with transverse wings at either end, and a massive wall, forming an inner and outer courtyard.

Above. Gatehouse in the West walls, from the road side.
The entrance is through a high segmented archway some 12 feet wide, and placed in the outer wall. At each side of the archway, the thick hinge irons can still be seen. Two original windows and a fireplace high up on the inside of the wall show that there was a gatehouse, of which no other remains can be seen.

Above. View of the gatehouse from adjoining fields. 

Above. View of South wing (building to the right) and the Hall (between the wing and the ruined stub of wall)
The outer wall stands to around 18 feet tall and is topped with a parapet. In the external courtyard, the building opposite the hall was probably the ancient chapel. It has a small windows of the same style as those above the gateway.

Above. Fishponds surviving as earthworks.

At the end of the driveway down to the main road, the earthwork remains of fish ponds can still be seen. Although on private land, good views of the hall can be had from the roadside.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting about Middleton Hall on your blog. My ancestors lived there centuries ago. Unfortunately thre is little information about Middleton Hall or Belsay Castle in Northumberland on the internet so every piece I find is interesting. Thanks.

Ozyflier said...

Mathew, thank you for your photos of the medieval homes and castles of the North. Many of them are ancestral connections that I'll never be able to visit. You've made it possible to at least see them.

Anonymous said...

Re Jim's comment. My mother's family whose name was Bownass lived there for several generations. Jim, are you a Bownass?

David Owen said...

I've just seen Anonymous's comment. My mother is 93 and her maiden name was Bownass. Her grandfather was Martin Bownass who lived at Middleton Hall before becoming a commodity broker in Manchester in the 1870's. Her local relations were called Batty and Blades and she speaks of various properties being in the family - Borwens, Beckside and Paradise at Garsdale. Are we related?

David Owen

Anonymous said...

Re David Owen's post A Martin Bownass appears on the 1841 census for Middleton age 17 would this be the same Martin.

Kay said...

My Gt Gt Grandma was Mary Bownass and she was living at Middleton Hall with her father's (Richard Bownass) brother and sister in 1851.

She was born, and normally lived in, another of the family's houses, Hawkin Hall.

Gill said...

My grandfather farmed Middleton Hall until 1946 when he left to go to a farm near Sedbergh. His name was Todd, but trying to figure out when he would have first lived there. Any info appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Most likely from 1921

Unknown said...

I think my Benn ancestors farmed there a cple of hundred years ago. Their initials are above the farmhouse entrance door i gather so am going to try and find it tomorrow !

Robin Drinkall said...

My father cycled with his mates from Blackpool to Middleton Hall during the 1950's for a holiday. Eddie Wightman was the farmer in those days and he had over 1,000 sheep. Does anyone have any more information about Eddie? Wasn't there a famous painting from Kurkby Lonsdale of a view out towards Middleton Hall?