Monday, September 20, 2010

Roman Quay, Chester

Roman Quay

The remains of a Roman quay can be found hidden away at the foot of the medieval walls along Nun's Road, to the East of the race course. The quay lies at the point that Black Friars road intersects Nun's Road. The remains consist of an earth covered mound of cut red sandstone, and represent the last remnants of a riverside quay that would have been used to load and unload ships as they sailed up the River Dee to this point. The river would have lapped the foot of the wall here, some four or five metres below the current ground level, providing a good deep, navigable river for the Romans to use. The river silted up over the course of about two thousand years, and receded away to the West. The medieval walls were built on top of the Roman remains, and the race course now occupies the old flood plain.

Above. Looking along the wall towards the scant remains of the quay.

There's not really much to see, but it's interesting to know that it's there as you walk along the walls above it.

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