Thursday, April 03, 2008

Catterlen Hall and Catterlen Old Hall, Catterlen

Catterlen Hall and Catterlen Old Hall
Catterlen\Newton Reigny

Catterlen Hall, and the remains of the Old Hall, lies less than a quarter of mile North of Newton Reigny, and less than a mile South of Catterlen.

The hall consists of a pele tower built some time in the 1460's, and an Elizabethan hall, built in 1577 by Roland Vaux. The tower has walls measuring 1.2 metres thick, and retains its original crenellations. Unlike many surviving towers, Catterlen still has it's original flat roof, as can be seen on the aerial shots on the Visit Cumbria web site.

To the South East of the hall and tower, a raised platform consisting of turf, boulders and rubble, marks the spot the original Old Hall would have occupied.

The mound of earth and boulders, probably represents the remains of the original 12th century tower.

This tower, built in the 12th century, was superceded by the current hall and tower.

This has to be one of the better preserved towers in the area, and is easily visible from the roadside.


Anonymous said...

To those less experienced in historic buildings - In the last picture the mound with rocks showing in the foreground is the very ruined remains of the early 12th century tower.

Anonymous said...

i have read that above the door is the caot of arms of the Vaulx family would love to see a close up photo as I am related to this vaulx family

Unknown said...

Just driven past there now what an amazing building just read up about history of it

Anonymous said...

There is a legant saying catterlen hall has a disused chapel bottom of tower running of this is a tunnel in coperateing a well foot holes inside of well to a hidy hole (could it be a priest hole)

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