Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Castle Blogging....the start!

(Kendal Castle (click to enlarge)

As an aside to the articles on the Westmorland Gazette I've decided to start a blog.....firstly to cover the sites that I've visited to date, and secondly to cover future site visits, and thirdly, it offers more flexibility for me to write stuff and show photos of the sites.

I'll go back over the castles and other sites of interest that I've 'collected', and add some details regarding their history, current condition, and how to get to them.

You'll have to bare with me, as the number of sites I've visited to date, exceeds 30, so it may take me a while to catch up.

The most important aspect of this new found hobby, is the photography angle, and I'll try to include as many photographs of each site as the site will allow....although they may not always be the best resolution or quality.

The list of sites so far is fairly long, so here goes:
Aldingham Grange Moat.
Aldingham motte (Moat Hill)
Arkholme Motte.
Arnside Tower.
Birds Hill Farm Motte.
Brough Castle.
Brougham Castle.
Brougham Manor.
Burneside Hall.
Burton in Lonsdale Motte.
Cappelside Hall.
Castle Hawe Motte Sedbergh.
Castle Howe Motte Kendal.
Castle Howe Motte Tebay.
Castle Stead Iron Age Hill Fort.
Clifton Tower.
Galava Roman Fort Ambleside.
Gleaston Castle.
Hawes Bridge Motte Natland.
Hazelslack Tower.
Hellifield Pele.
Heversham Hall and Pele.
Hollin Hall.
Hornby Castle Stede.
Ingmire Hall.
Kendla Castle.
Kentmere Hall.
Killington Hall.
Lammerside Castle\Tower\Pele.
Lancaster Castle.
Mediobogdum Roman Fort Hard Knott Pass.
Melling Motte.
Millom Castle.
Muncaster Castle.
Nether Levens.
Pendragon Castle.
Penrith Castle.
Piel Castle.
Selside Hall.
Sizergh Castle.
Whittington Motte.
Wraysholme Tower.
I'll also re-visit some of the 'none-castle' sites, as follows:
Cartmel Priory.
Castle Dairy.
Castle View Cemetary.
Dalton Abandoned Mediaval Village.
Holy Trinity Church Millom.
Sedgewick House.
Shap Abbey.
St Catherine's Tower.
St Leonards Church Chapel le Dale.
St Margaret's Tower.
St Mary's Church Ingleton.
St Oswalds Church Thornton in Lonsdale.
St Wilfreds Church Melling.
Tunstall Church.
Warton Rectory.

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