Friday, March 29, 2019

Kendal, the Slip Inn

The Slip Inn
Market Place

The building once occupied by the Slip Inn is now home to Middleton's iron mongers in the market place.

  Above. Front of the inn facing onto the Market Place. 

Borough records state that the inn was owned by Isaac Kirkby until 1813. The yard running down the right hand side of the inn, the Slip Inn Yard, used to be home to a number of butchers, all with the reputation of leaving pools of entrails and effluent flowing down the yard.

  Above. Entrance down the side of the old inn building.

The inn was sold at auction along with the land lord's dwelling house in 1863 when it was owned by William Norman. Drastic changes were made to the frontage in 1865, when the overhanging jetted facade was removed. The Slip Inn ceased trading in 1898.

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