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Ireby, Over Hall

Over Hall
Near Ingleton
North Yorkshire

The tiny village of Ireby lies about half a mile North of the A65, and about 2 and a half miles East of Ingleton. At the North of the village, Over Hall can be found, nestled beneath Ireby Fell, and expanse of common land that formed part of the Whittington estates of Earl Tostig before 1066. The lands were held in conjunction with nearby Tatham, Tunstall, Melling and Wennington, a huge swathe of lands that stretched across modern day Lancashire. The Knights Hospitallers are known to have held lands in and around Ireby, as well as paying for a chantry chapel at Tunstall church.

Above. Oblique view of Over Hall from the village.

The manor of Ireby seems to have ceased sometime after the early 1600s when the Cook family died out. During the late 14th century, and through the 15th and 16th centuries, the hall was known by a number of names: Tottersgill, Fothergill Hall and Nether Hall, and today, Over Hall.

Above. View of Over Hall from the public footpath.

No historical documents I can find make any mention of a tower here at Ireby, the only connection with a fortified residence being that it was originally held as the place where the Lord of the manor resided. The hall was most likely built in 1687, and may well have replaced or incorporated an earlier building of some sort. The tower probably only dates from the 19th century, with the central hall block dating from the late 1600s (a date stone states 1687 above the door) Other aspects of the hall are all reliably dated from the 17th century.

Above. Old postcard view of Over Hall (from personal collection)

The hall is best viewed from the public footpath that runs to the South and East of the hall, though some large trees in the garden now block some of the view.

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