Monday, November 03, 2014

Carlisle, Franciscan Friary of Carlisle

Franciscan Friary of Carlisle (site of)

Records dating from 1534, state that the Franciscan Friary of Carlisle was being used to store munitions and military ordnance. Indeed, there was a friary here from at least the 1330s, as other historical records show that Edward Balliol, claimant and short lived holder of the Scottish throne (1332 to 1336) lodged here on a number of occasions. 

Above. Modern day Fisher Street, the site of the Franciscan Friary of Carlisle.

C.J.Brooke, in his book "Safe Sanctuaries" includes the Friary in his list of ecclesiastical buildings with indications of defence built in....however, it's more likely, given the importance of the items being stored there in the 1530s, and the importance of the frequent lodger, Edward Balliol in the 1330s, that the friary was a building with elements of 'security' rather than 'defence', a subtle difference demonstrated in a number of buildings on this blog....Castle Dairy in Kendal and Helsfell Hall to quote two examples. 

It's a shame that I've not been able to find any images of this building, but if any turns up, I'll update this post.

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