Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lowick Hall, Lowick

Lowick Hall

About two miles West of Spark Bridge on the A5092 lays the tiny village of Lowick. The manor in and around Lowick has existed since the end of the 12th century, and was originally owned by William de Lancaster, 5th baron of Kendal. William granted the lands to Robert de Turribus sometime during the reign of Henry II. The manor then passed from Gilbert de Turribus, son of Robert, to William de Lofwic. In time the manor passed, by marriage, to the Ambrose family, in whose ownership it remained until 1684. It's likely that the pele tower was built during this period, possibly a little earlier. It seems that the last Ambrose, John, died with no male heir, so the manor then passed to John Latus, his nephew. John Latus married a member of the Hudleston family....of Millom Castle, by whom he had a son, Ferdinando Latus. The manor then passed into the Blencowe family by marriage.

The tower portion of the hall, isn't as old as the manor, but probably dates from the 15th or 16th century. The building has undergone many rebuilds and extensions. Looking at the photo, the remains of the pele tower are on the left of the building, with the layout resembling other converted pele towers in the county, namely Godmond Hall, Selside Hall and Preston Patrick Hall to name but a few.

Documents suggest that there were two pele towers at this site, possibly one predating the surviving tower, as all that remains of the second are reputed footings. Unfortunately, as this is a private dwelling I was unable to pay closer inspection. The best views of the hall can be had from the nearby church yard, although even then, trees between the hall and the church yard can block the view.

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