Sunday, May 07, 2006

King Arthur's Round Table, Eamont Bridge

King Arthur’s Round Table
Eamont Bridge
Nr Penrith

The earthworks of King Arthur’s Round Table consist of an almost circular bank with a ditch that runs around the interior of the remains. Within the remains there is a raised circular platform that doesn’t have any antiquity at all. It is reputed that a local landlord had earth tipped into the centre of the remains for the intention of having ‘tea-parties’ here!!

The remains have been damaged on two sides by the A6 and the B5320, which leads to Yanwath. The remains sit right next to the roads and are readily accessible.There is a clear entrance break in the encircling bank, and it is understood that there was once an entrance also on the opposite side of the earthworks. The second entrance was destroyed when the B5230 was built. This second entrance had two standing stones but these have long since gone.

The only find from the centre of the earthworks, were the remains of a trench, widely believed to have been the remains of a disturbed burial. Nothing of any significance has been unearthed at this site.The earthworks are open all year round and there is parking across the road.

About 200 hundred yards up the road, within the grounds of Lowther Park, lay the remains of Little Round Table.....the remains of a smaller 'henge'. I couldn't find these remains, and will probably return at a later date to search for them again.

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