Monday, May 29, 2006

Duart Castle, Isle of Mull, Scotland

Duart Castle
Isle of Mull

The castle of Duart sits on a headland overlooking Duart Bay in the Sound of Mull. The castle is most likely to have been built sometime in the 13th century, although it’s not been possible to date the buildings exactly. When the castle was acquired by the MacLeans in the 14th century, a rebuilding and extension period was undertaken, whereby buildings that were previously erected within the castle walls were demolished, and a substantial tower house was built.

The curtain wall, the kitchen and a well are all that now remain of the original 13th century structure.

Above. View of the castle looking North West, sailing towards the Sound of Mull.

Further alterations were made in the 16th century, when more accommodation was added at the expense of buildings in the courtyard.

Above. Another view of the castle looking North West, with Dun da Ghaoithe in the background.

In 1674, the castle was bought by the Campbell Earls of Argyll, and was regularly garrisoned with troops. Soon after this time, the castle was beginning to deteriorate, and by 1748, the tower house was roof-less, and many other buildings ruinous.

Above. View of the castle looking West.

The castle was re-acquired by the MacLeans in 1911, and was partially rebuilt a year later.

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