Sunday, August 19, 2018

Tenby, Tenby Castle

Tenby Castle

Above. View of Tenby Castle from Norton Road above the harbour.

Above. The view from Bridge Street, looking towards the gate.

Above. Substantial wall remains near the museum.

Above. Another view of the walls near the museum.

Above. Gateway into the castle's bailey\courtyard area.

Above. Portcullis groove in the gateway masonry.

Above. Portcullis groove in the gateway masonry.

Above. Scant remains of the gatehouse.

Above. View from the museum towards the remains of the gatehouse.

Above. Short stretch of castle wall near the museum.

Above. Overgrown stretch of wall below the castle motte.

Above. View from the path below the tower.

Above. The watch tower, consisting of two towers conjoined.

Above. Entrance into the watch tower.

Above. Arrow slit in one of the towers.

Above. View of the tower looking East.

Above. The tower with Fort St Catherine in the background.

Above. View of the castle's motte with the towers at the summit.

Above. Overgrown building remains on the West side of the castle motte.

Above. Door or window in the overgrown ruins.

Above. View of castle walls from South Beach.

Above. View of the castle from South Beach.

Above. Aerial view of the castle.

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