Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Penrith Castle, post card

Penrith Castle

I love this post card. It shows the castle with a cluttered exterior, obviously still used by the townsfolk of Penrith. The wall transcending the castle mound and the moat is interesting, and possibly suggests that at the time the photo was taken, the grounds were grazed by local farmers. The wall is long gone, though a scar can clearly be seen on the more modern photo shown below.

Above. 2011 photo, demonstrating the remarkable lack of decay since the postcard from 1906.

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EricBosloor said...

I love looking at interesting pictures such as this crumbling yet still majestic castle. Historical monuments have their very own appealing aura that tells a thousand stories which attract people. They hold many memories that people are dying to know and to have them still physically standing strong is just one good way of reaching out to the people about their history. We have a few castles in Sydney too but their age are far from this postcard image.