Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Scarborough Castle, the Keep

Scarborough Castle
The Keep

Above. The Keep from the South West.

Above. The Keep's Eastern face, with the Master Gunner's House in the background.

Above. Closer view of the Eastern face of the Keep.

Above. Eastern face of the Keep, showing the plinth upon which the walls are built.

Above. Close up of the sloping plinth upon which the Keep is built.

Above. Interior of the Keep.

Above. First floor fireplace.

Above. Vaulted room in the Keep.

Above. View of the ground floor level of the Keep from the modern viewing platform.

Above. The Keep from within the bailey area.

Above. View of the Keep showing the extent of the Civil War damage.

Above. View of the Keep from within the inner bailey area.

Above. View of the Keep from the North, showing the Eastern earthworks and bailey wall.

Above. Close up view of the Keep's plinth.

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