Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kirkland Fort, Kirkcudbright

Kirkland Fort
Near Kirkcudbright

Kirkland fort lies about half a mile to the East of Kirkcudbright and just off the B727. It's only really discernable once identified on the ordnance survey map, and blends in with the surrounding countryside.

Above. Kirkland Fort looking South East.

The above photo shows a South Easterly view of the fort, with the scooped 20 foot summit laying hidden beneath the gorse bushes ( left hand side of the photo) The second part of the scarped summit can be seen just to the right, again covered in gorse. The gorse bushes grow around the rim of the top of the fort, measuring around 90 by 85 feet. Aerial photos show the full extent of the layout of the fort, neatly outlined by the gorse.

Above. The summit of Kirkland Fort looking North East.

Above. Another view of the fort looking South East.

The gap in the gorse bushes would appear to be an entrance way into the fort, about 20 feet wide. Ditches and banks still survive only on the Southern side of the fort. This is not considered a good example of a rock cut fort owing to its position with higher ground on nearly every side.

Above. Sketch and plan view of Kirkland Fort.

Kirkland Fort is regarded as perhaps one of the simplest forms of fort......a man-adapted naturally occurring outcrop of rock, scooped\quarried in its centre, with simple ramparts cut from the surrounding rocks and earth. 

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