Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Barracks of the First Royal Lancashire Militia, Lancaster

The Barracks of the First Royal Lancashire Militia,
South Road

Situated on South Road in Lancaster, this building has a look of Scottish baronial architecture about it. It is in fact the ex-barracks of the First Royal Lancashire Militia, alternatively used as the armoury and general stores until it was abandoned.

Above. The barracks as seen from South Road.

The barracks were built in 1854 possibly by Edmund Sharpe, and were converted around 1983 into offices. 

Above. The barracks' gatehouse.

The barracks were built after the Militia Reform Act of 1852 was passed, requiring each county to build and maintain secure quarters from which new militia units could be mustered and trained. The First Royal Lancashire Militia eventually moved to Bowerham barracks in 1881, and the building was sold to Storey Brothers who used it as storage for their business. It was later purchased by Lancashire Enterprises in 1983, who converted it to offices. 

Web site for the Lancashire Militia.

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