Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cunswick Hall, Kendal

Cunswick Hall
Nr Kendal

Although Cunswick Hall, along with the fortified tower that was here up until around 1582, was demolished, portions of the gatehouse still survive, together with the Royal arms above the archway. Follow this link for more information on the hall.

Above. The gatehouse and porter's lodge from outside.

The 16th century gatehouse stands together with the porter's lodge, but looks to have been altered. There are the faint remains of a higher archway above the present arch, into which the armorial plate has been inserted.

Above. Close up of the armorial plate above the archway.

The arms are those of the Tudor kings, and look to have been inserted into an old window (the lintel and sill can still be seen) It's impossible to determine the form that the original gatehouse would have taken, but it was probably the only way into the walled courtyard that surrounded the hall and the tower....probably on a par with the towers at Burneside and Preston Patrick.


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