Sunday, July 13, 2008

Croglin Low Hall, Nr Croglin

Croglin Low Hall
Nr Croglin

Croglin Hall can be found about three miles South West of the small village of Croglin. The hall is built well off the main road, and is only visible across the open fields from a distance (hence the quality of the photos!!) The remains of what was possibly a pele tower are built into the main part of the building (seen behind the single windowed small outbuilding) The 15th century tower was originally 2 storeys tall, but has been reduced at some point, then rebuilt, and then enveloped within a 16th century hall, which in turn was rebuilt in the 17th century.

The hall has a gatehouse, built sometime in the early 17th century, with early 19th century alternations. The hall and tower house were home to the de Croglin, Dacre and Howard families, and has the dubious claim to fame of being the site of the Croglin Vampire tale.


Unknown said...

Neat.. A long [hehe] time ago I visited Croglin Low Hall. Your pictures are modern, compared to my darker 1982 versions. I am trying to find an image to go on You-tube that 'works' with my reedited story [It won a Sony radio award].. I will probably just use a generic pic of me.. Good to have the memories.. thanks.

Anonymous said...

The vampire tale is in unexplained mysteries by valentine dyall