Monday, May 05, 2008

Carlisle Cathedral precinct gatehouse, Carlisle

Carlisle Cathedral precinct gatehouse

Built for Prior Christopher Slee in 1528 the gatehouse would have protected and controlled the entrance into the cathedral precincts. The gatehouse has variously been known as The Abbey Slee’s gatehouse, Abbey Street Lodge and the Abbey Gate and Gatehouse.

It is built of the locally recognisable red sand stone, and stands at the head of Dean Tait’s Lane, where Paternastor Row and Abbey Street meet. The huge wooden doors that can be seen within the archway are the originals.

Above. Floor plan of the Priory Gatehouse.

From the inside of the precincts, and looking at the gatehouse, an incomplete archway can be seen on the right hand side of the gatehouse, indicating the demolition of some buildings here.

Originally the gatehouse would have had battlements, but these have been removed over the years. Above the gateway, are the Registry offices of the dean and chapter.

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