Monday, July 17, 2006

Fisher Gate Postern\Bar, York

Fishergate Postern\Bar
North Yorkshire

The tower over Fishergate Postern was built in 1501\02, and replaced an earlier tower, the Talkan Tower. It was built to defend a new postern or gateway in the city wall here at Fishergate.

Above. A view of the tower looking South.

Fishergate is a tall rectangular tower of four storeys. It originally had a flat roof with crenellations. The steepled roof seems to have been in place for a significant period of time...John Speed's map of York, dated 1610, shows it pretty much as we see it today.

Above. A view of the tower looking East. The postern can be seen to the right of the tower.

The tower had a fireplace, now bricked up, on the first floor, and a spiral staircase in the South corner would have led up to a small turret on the former flat roof.

Fishergate Tower can be found at the junctions of Tower Street, Piccadilly and Fishergate, and is only about a hundred yards East of the castle.

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