Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lancaster Castle, August 2012 visit

Lancaster Castle
August 2012 courtyard visit

Above. Finally....the John of Gaunt gatehouse unimpeded by any parked cars.

Above. The porcullis.

Above. The portcullis groove, and the remains of an inward facing arrow loop.

Above. The other side of the portcullis groove, and the more complete arrow loop.

Above. Murder holes ? I'm not so sure.

Above. The keep from the courtyard. First view of this building from this angle, ever on the internet? Who knows?

Above. Skyward view of the keep.

Above. The base of the keep wall with 19th century steps.

Above. The keep from the tiny walled courtyard.

Above. And another view.

Above. The debtors apartments from within the courtyard.

Above. The women's wing from within the courtyard.

Above. Another view of the debtor's apartments.

Above. Bricked up doorway on the witch's tower, that probably once led onto the wall walk.
Above. The witch's tower from within the courtyard.